A firm order involves defining the customer profile in the system and issuing an invoice to pay its value (details on the graphic theme, surface dimensions, destination, contact details, delivery and invoicing).

The firm order will be taken into production as soon as we have the payment confirmation and all the coordinates that define the future work will be established. The orders are 100% personalized, in this sense the client being the only person who decides the final graphic format of the wallpaper.
The final format of the work is analyzed, verified and accepted by the beneficiary, with the help of the materials provided by our operators, before it is scheduled in production.


1. Purchasing the right to use the images (if it is not in our online catalog),
2. Image processing and sizing of the graphic format on the dimensions mentioned in the initial order,
3. Context matching in the geometric format of the wall / walls,
4. Resizing the image (graphic rendering) to the actual dimensions,
5. Saving some screenshots with the processed image (screenshots are taken on sensitive areas of the future wallpaper enlarged to real size, to highlight the graphic quality) and sending them by e-mail,
6. Making graphic simulations, as appropriate (if we receive photos of the surface to be decorated) and sending them by e-mail,
7. Immediately after obtaining the BDT (sending the details describing the work in electronic format) we will schedule the production order. The execution term is 2 -4 working days from obtaining (GTP) Good to Print.
8. The mural wallpaper will be packed in a protective tube and sent to you by express courier.

After processing the image (see point 2 above) it may not fit in the context of the space to be arranged. In this situation we look for another image and go through the same stages.

After resizing the image (see point 5 above), it may not appear in a graphically appropriate shape, geometric format, or final size. In this situation we look for another image and go through all the steps up to this stage.

The approximate time for resizing an image (see point 4) can be up to 10 hours. In this sense, the possibilities that allow the processing of an image are analyzed in advance.


Immediately after confirming the receipt of the value of the work (advance or in full depending on the value of the order), the order will be taken into production. The rights to use the graphic image will be acquired (as the case may be) and we will proceed to its processing. In order to obtain the GTP (good to print) from the customer, we will perform a series of screenshots and simulations, which will be sent via e-mail to the customer to be analyzed and commented.

Each work is UNIQUE (graphic theme chosen by the beneficiary) and DEDICATED to the beneficiary who orders it. The custom mural wallpaper does not exist in stock, it will be made according to the beneficiary's specifications.

The term of accomplishment of a work is of 2 - 4 days (worker), counted from the moment of obtaining the GTP from the client.

Because the colors displayed on the computer screen may be different in the physical format of the mural wallpaper, please consider the possibilities of identifying / setting a specific background and / or a favorite color in the graphic composition of the work.


The products are sent by express courier. Each work is packed in a protective tube and sealed to ensure the integrity of the product.

The beneficiary can opt for insuring the package at the invoiced value, in the amount of 1% (the amount collected by the courier company).

Delivery costs are borne by the customer. Upon receipt of the package, the customer will pay the value of the delivery, depending on its location. If the delivered products have any defect, you must notify us within a maximum of 3 days from their receipt.

Do not accept the package if it shows signs of damage or it is obvious that it has been opened. Request the drawing up of a finding report and send us the document in electronic format.